The Secrets of Travel Writing

Travel Writing and Travel Journalism Difference

Travel WritingTravel writing
is writing genre that specifically discusses anything about travel. It may be a book or simply an article. It has narrative drive, has good structure with a beginning, a middle and an end. This is a kind of writing that gets published in newspaper, books or any other traditional sense and usually wins in writing competition.

The latter, on the other hand, is pretty close to writing in terms of difficulty getting published but this follows what a certain publication wants. It means this is less self-indulgent since you need to pitch a story from the publication. If the publication likes the piece, they will ask the writer to send it to them. After you sold the piece, you will loss the credit and the publication will have the right to edit it as they prefer.

Travelogue Writing

Travelogue basically gives people insights about a certain place before they visit it. This typically includes detailed information of the attractions within the area. In short, travelogues can either or not encourage people to visit a specific place for whatever reason. This mean, travel writers need to follow specific rules to make an interesting and appealing travelogues.

Do Some Research

Before you write about a specific destination, make an in-depth research about it. If you are given opportunity to visit the place, better questions as many as you can so you can also provide valuable information as many as possible. But if you are from different pole, then try finding valuable information from reliable resources.

Provide Photographic Description

Writers are like artist who can present pictures through the use of words. Creativity is a must-have skill for a writer. Describe the place, spin beautiful pictures so readers can visualize it. Getting some picture and writing some caption or description can also make your piece interesting.

Highlight Various Attractions

Highlighting various attraction is of great importance. People become interested to visit places if they can see something which appeals to their senses. And since people have different preferences, it will be good to include every possible attraction situated in that place.

Include Means and Ways to Reach the Place

How to reach the destination is one of the most important element you have to include in the travelogue. Even if you grab reader’s interest of visiting the place, if there is no information about how to reach the place, then they will most likely drop their plan of visiting the place.

Include other valuable information.

Provide valuable information such as the dos and don’ts in the place, cultural background, and the way to some of the most popular tourist attractions.

Travel Writing Tips
• Write in first person point of view, in present or past tense as long as the action justifies it. Create a story that is in your personal account, with description, facts and observation.

• Most writers begin writing a piece with a brief but strong anecdote which introduces the over-all feeling, point and tone of the story and the trip. Something which grabs reader’s attention and making them want to read the entire story. Readers are hooked with something interesting, not with the first thing that happens in the journey.

• First few paragraphs must be enticing, include the point of the trip and the story such as your location and the purpose of getting there. It will also be good to clearly state a new discovery, new trend or new angle.

• Try creating a narrative thread that will link the beginning of the story to the end, something like a specific point. Avoid telling the story in a chronological manner, better have some description, best bits or anecdotes that will tell your story.

• Try creating original descriptions which mean something, and better avoid using clichés.

• Quotes from individuals you met along the way can give life to your piece as well as local voice. Never forget to accurately quote and identify them.

• If you are using facts, double-check and make sure all of those are correct. Make sure your sources are reliable

• Best writing has personality and sounds natural, don’t be too formal or too clever or use words and phrases that you don’t really use. Doing so will just results on piece that sounds hilarious.

• Avoid mentioning moments that personally affected you. Focus on the general good experience that will encourage them to have the trip or something that talks about the place itself.

• Visual description can be the best way to write your travel piece. Through vividly explaining the details, you will encourage your reader to visualize what you are likely to tell them. Try writing as if you are explaining these things to a blind person.

• Make the reader feel as if they are the one traveling. Provide every possible detail of the story.

Writing about traveling is a fun job especially if you really love travelling and writing. To further enhance your knowledge, you can also try reading travel writing books to get additional information or know other secrets for successful writing.